The Fisherman’s Hut

Old Street Roundabout



The ethos of Prawnography is simple… it’s bringing the seaside to the city with an ever changing menu highlighting the abundance of variety available from the British coast.

120615_MagicRoundabout-33 A traditional black fisherman’s hut in the middle of Old Street roundabout serving as the official outpost for the London’s top Prawn Broker to provide the city with exceptionally tasty and intriguing modern twists on traditional seaside delicacies. As the name would suggest the focus of the menu will be on prawns,  Jim passionate that it’s about time this beautiful crustacean got its rightful championing.

120615_MagicRoundabout-42 Expect to find a beach at dusk atmosphere in the center of the city this summer, with a rustic beach hut, fire pits as the smell of stunning seafood and shellfish cooking lingers in the air.


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